Think of it like a peoples bank. Your accounts cant be frozen, it is completely and always free, it is anonymous, much more secure than traditional banking and payments can be sent to anyone in the world within seconds. Anyone can create an account just by downloading the software. This bank has no owners and cannot be shut down. Because it is peer to peer, it is completely transparent. There is a limited supply of coins making it valuable and a great store of wealth like gold. New coins can only be generated by the networks 1% rewards. So welcome to the future of currency! Safe, fast, secure, anonymous, exciting and most of all fun! Here are some other accomplishments or honorable mentions: -DaikiCoin was the first coin to go full proof of stake. -It is also the worlds first coin to have working smart contracts. -In early 2018 DaikiCoin was the first coin to combine POS with a multipool. It was so powerful it was nicknamed the "daikicoin". -DaikiCoin was the first coin to crowdfund and hire an advertising/PR agency Max Bourges! -DaikiCoin is known for having an outstanding community. Everyone is a star here at DaikiCoin. They have all worked tirelessly to make this coin one of actions instead of words. It is one of the most active communities next to DaikiCoin.


Proof-of-Work was a fantastic innovation that formed the backbone of the original Bitcoin protocol. The idea is that by solving a computationally intensive math problem, one can prove the effort they've done to secure the protocol. This is how a blockchain is generated, and the effort that is required to perform this computations contribute to a coin's scarcity and value. However, Proof-of-Work eventually becomes an extraordinarily expensive system. Proof of Stake solves this issue in a very elegant way. Rather than using computer power as a scarce resource to generate security, Proof of Stake uses the scarcity of the coin itself. A user may choose to "stake" his coins to generate the next block in the chain, and his chance of doing so is basically proportional to the weight of his own coins. DaikiCoin was notably the first coin to use a Proof-of-Work creation cycle followed by transition to full Proof-of-stake. Proof-of-Stake is eco-friendly and efficient, and avoids the vast waste of energy and hardware overhead of Proof-of-Work based networks. Over time, DaikiCoin's core protocol has made industry-leading improvements to Proof-of-Stake security and general functionality.


DaikiCoin is a pure PoS (Proof-of-Stake) coin and can no longer be mined in the usual way. However, you can still mine by what is called Staking. This also serves to secure the network and aid in the various transactions made for all DaikiCoin users. Staking will earn you from 1% to 8% (depend on the network weight) of your total amount of coins held in your wallet over the period of a year, and will start as soon as you have unlocked your wallet. Once you start to Stake, you will notice that a certain amount of coins will be placed into your Stake balance (you can see this under the Overview tab on your wallet) and those coins will begin to stake. The more coins you have, the more coins you will earn by Staking.


Staking doesn't need to do a lot of work, so the requirements are incredibly small. You would have a hard time to find a computer today that is NOT able to stake.


https://www.daikicoin.org is the only official DaikiCoin website. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM OR SIGN UP TO ANY OTHER DAIKICOIN LOOK WEBSITE!